Hello! My name is Morgan.

I’m an American lady living in Oxford, England. It is very fancy here.

Before moving to the UK in 2016 with my husband, I spent nine years as an English language arts teacher and curriculum developer in Shanghai, China, where I taught children between 8 and 12 years old.

I’m a self-taught designer and am constantly learning new ways to work. I particularly enjoy designs that require bilingual typography—check out my Dr. Sketchy’s promotional design work for some of my favorite English/Mandarin layouts.

I make weird/dumb comics on Instagram and even dumber jokes on Twitter, a habit I picked up from running comedy open mic nights in China for three years.

If you want me to draw you a silly drawing or design you an excellent poster, or if you’re a children’s book agent representing quirky picture books for older youngsters (and their parents), I’d love to chat.