Model/Citizen: The Rise of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

I talk to Molly Crabapple and Melissa Dowell to learn more about the philosophy behind the largest figure drawing organization in the world.


Our Little Secret: Secret 7's Take on the State of Contemporary Art


My interview with Secret 7 art collective founder Chris Gill.


[My Weekender]: M.M. Plumm

I talk about the launch of Dr. Sketchy's Shanghai and how much I love the chocolate balls from Pure & Whole.


Milk of Morgnesia: The Stories


Some cultural differences highlighted by my first banquet in China.

"Wisdom Teeth"

A tale of trauma dedicated to the dental surgery of Allie Brosch.

"Fire Drill"

Panic! at the Elementary School



The Shanghai Tickler newsletters

For the longest time, I designed and wrote a weekly newsletter for The Shanghai Tickler comedy open mic, and now those newsletters form the bulk of something I might one day refer to as my "writing portfolio." Here they are for you in all of their rambling glory. (Warning: Some are better than others.)